Andrea Visits Jenna

As she walked down the block, she began to approach a moving van. She picked up the pace. When she got to the van, she saw a very beautiful teenage girl, she was just as pretty as Lucas had described her in the car ride home.

Beautiful curly golden locks, big blue eyes and the body of a supermodel

Jenna saw Andrea from the corner of her eye but she really wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone.

“Hi are you moving in?” Andrea said, walking closer to the van where Jenna was standing.

Jenna rolled her eyes and considered not replying but she did anyway “Yep”
“Oh…well, do you need any help” Andrea said attempting to start a conversation
“Nope!” Jenna said, carrying boxes to the front steps.
“Oh ok” Andrea said as she began to walk away. She took three steps then decided she wasn’t going to give up that easy. She turned back around, and said “Sooo…I heard this was a nice house” she quickly realized that that was the most pointless thing to say
“Aha” Jenna said uninterested

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