Just a joke!

Wow, he looked so great and calm. I am so glad he couldn’t hear the wild thumping of my heart. He as definitely going to ask me out, for sure.
I had noticed that Jacob was not the lonely best friend. He was making a place in our highschool, he was so popular now! Well, because he was about to go out with the most popular girl on the whole entire school!
“Hey baby,” he said. “What’s up? You’re shaking, is everything okay?” He asked.
“Just dandy!” OMG , did I just say that? Who says that? You can tell I am totally freaking out here!
“Okay, good, ‘cuz what I want to tell is really personal. You have to be completely ready to hear me out and answer me honestly.”
My heart was in my throat. I nodded.
“Do these jeans make me look fat?” He said seriously.
” WHAT ?” I screamed. He was laughing so hard, he nearly fell off his seat. Whew! It was just a joke!
“You should have seen your face. Now for the real question…”

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