Mixed Up, Matched Up

Jon talked with his friends, while managing to keep Scarlet partially in the conversation. I mostly just talked with her, and I noticed Travis kept glancing over at me.

All the sudden everybody was getting up. I tried to look casual, like I had been listening too, and stood up.

“What are we doing?” I whispered to Scarlet.

“Jon needs a drink, so the guys are all gonna skateboard over to that building over there. Don’t ask me why they have to go together, I don’t honestly know. Jon looks really hott today, doesn-” she whispered back before I cut her off.

“Are you staying here?”

“No, I’m going to go with them, and maybe even go into the bathroom if one of them has to go.” she gave me a sarcastic smile.

I laughed, as if that were funny. “Shut up. Do u think Travis likes me?”

The conversation pretty much consisted of us discussing Travis until they came back (quite a while later). The seating arrangements were all mixed up; I ended up with Scarlet on one side, and Travis on the other.

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