Slow Motion

What the hell did Sam mean by that? Did he like Chloe. I mean she was great and all but hey, you know. She is just a girl. We had been going out for two months now. He just dropped another bomb on me again.
“So how are you and Chloe? Two months is a long time,” He said.
“Oh, you know, the usual. We date, we have fun, it works. But I don’t think it is going to work out for much longer. You know?” I had said.
“Um, no! She is so amazing, how can’t it work. She is so in-love with you.” Sam asked.
“That is the problem. She will not leave me alone! She is way too clingy, and she doesn’t even notice.”
“Hey Kevin, do you remember what I said two months ago? You hurt her and I will kick your ass! She is so awesome. If she was my girlfriend, I would treat her so well. You treat her like she is dirt!” Then he walked away.

He just left me standing there. I was about to walk to my art class when I crashed in to this painfully gorgeous girl. I saw her lips moving apologetically in slow motion.

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