So far in my relationship with Kevin, everything is going well. Although I did see him talking to the new girl. She is really pretty and so is her cousin, Adrian. I am sure nothing is going on between them. And even if there was, we would have broken up by now. Right?

Everytime I see Sam nowadays he is only with his girlfriend, Kelly. She is one of my good friends. Sam treats her like a queen. I wish Kevin treated me like a queen! I would tell Sam to talk to him; however, he doesn’t hang around much anymore. I wonder why.

“Hey Kelly, what’s up?” I stopped to say.

“Oh, nothing much. Rumor has it though that Jenn and Van are back together. Oh and that Kevin…”She stopped talking immediatley.

“Kevin did what?” I was amused with Jenn and Van, the typical everyday gossip, but if there is something up with my boyfriend, I want to know. I demand to know.

“Nevermind! Gotta go! See ya!” She rushed away.

Nevermind, what was that all about? Well, forget it, I have to go take a test.

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