She was crazy about him.

He loved the way they had tangled-up together over the years. First it was just their limbs. He thought that the sex was good then, but now, well… now it was incredible. Who would’ve thought that our roots make such a difference?

Something happened when they opened to each other. She knew it was magical because ten years later, their first dance was still fresh in her mind.

The Tiger Lillies needed tending. She sung as she worked in the flower bed. He came up behind her and spun her around, just like in the movies. Romantic to his core, that one.

It didn’t matter that she was caught off-guard. She had been practicing this in her mirror since she was six; she was prepared, ready. She jumped towards him and simultaneously wrapped her legs around his torso. Her hands clasped around his neck, her lips meeting his.

He held her close.

They’ll dance until the end of days. You would know it, too, if you had been there and seen that kiss. But for now, you’ll just have to trust me.

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