The Haunted House

“So why am I the one who gets to stay in this scary building?” Tom asked.
“We already told you…your the youngest of us and to prove that you are a ‘big boy’ you need to stay in here for one whole day…got it or do I need to repeat myself again” Jake said with all the guys behind him.
Some how he looked kinda happy that I would have to stay in a haunted apartment building.
After I stared at him for a few minutes, while processing the new info on what i had to do, he said “Everything you need to last the day is right here…you have a roll of toilet paper, five cans of progresso soup, a small pan, fire starters, and a sleeping bag.”
“Are you sure thats everything that I need?’” I asked in semi-confused voice.
“Ofcourse thats everything, I already did this three years ago in a shaq downtown…you’ll be fine” Jake said in a sencere and somehow sarcastic voice.
I looked at him for a moment, then I picked the pack, with allthe stuff in it, up and threw it over my shoulder, I said goodbye and I went in.

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