When Life Gives You Lemons...Rub Them in Other People's Wounds

She was so beautiful. All that beauty sort of intimidated him, but he always pushed that thought far back in his mind so as not to get distracted from his ultimate goal.
He’d been watching her for months now. Picking his time when he would suavely infiltrate her defenses. He couldn’t wait for their first post-coital kiss. And tonight seemed to be the night. He would approach and conquer.
He sidled up to her, unnoticed. He finally tapped her on the shoulder. “May I buy the beautiful lady a drink?”
She looked him over, then replied, “Sure.” His wooing had begun.
By the end of the night, they had talked about life, love, and literature. But just as he was about to ask her if she needed a ride home, a guy scooped her up and carried her out the door. He didn’t even get a goodnight! Let alone a phone number. Well, sometimes life handed you lemons. And he was going to rub them in the wounds he was about to inflict. He stormed out the door after the unsuspecting couple.

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