Breaking up!

“Hey Kev, I heard you were hanging out with the new girl a lot. Is that true?” I said.
“Um, yeah, that’s true. I was just showing her around though. Why? Is there are problem with that?”He said.
“Yes, there is a huge problem. When I hear that my boyfriend is hanging out with another girl and not telling me about it, there is a problem!” I screamed.
“Whoa, Chloe chill. It is not like I have never seen you check out other guys! What is your problem?” He retorted.
“Yeah? Name one!” I shouted. He should have just apologized, then we wouldn’t be having this fight!
“You want me to? Adrian, the quarterback. Alex’s cousin!” Kevin said. He then added. “Hey, Chloe, this isn’t working out. We need to break up.” He said softly.
“Are you breaking up with me?” I said.
“Umm, yeah. See you around!” Then he left.
He left me standing there, alone. I need to get him back. Maybe I will start to date Sam or the quarterback?

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