Braces [OM's challenge]

“wow, you do need braces.” alicia said to me.

“oh, thanks, like I didn’t know that already!!!” i said back in a sarcastic tone.

I stopped staring at the mirror and turned at her and gave her my famous pissed off look.

“What!?! All i said is that you needed them…that’s it” alicia said.

I stared at her a bit more and finaly said “it’s not fair i’m going to look like a dork!”

alicia had gotten an angry expression on her face and said, well screamed, “oh, look like a dork, is that right. Remember i already had braces and did I look like a dork. Did I !?!...Did I !?! should stop conplaining, it’s not my fault that you have donkey teeth!”

I stared at her in awe. “UGH!!!” i yelled. Then i ran out of her room with tears rolling down my face.

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