My entry for the Nice Things Challenge

Well, first off, KermitGorf is always one to make me laugh.
And OTOC can make the coolest words out of the silliest typos(BLOD, anyone?)
Then Stovohobo is easy to have an intelligent conversation with. Whatever intelligent is.
Plus, Kitty Pom-Pom is quite the character. Never without a new thing to say.
Dreamer always has something nice or encouraging to say.
Along with that, .:Band Baby:. is willing to make a series whenever I come up with a topic. Talk about fun.
OH! Blusparrow, of course. She’s always leaving pleasant comments on my stories and telling me if I should correct them. She goes in there, of course.
Celestic23, her stuff is good. Never actually talked to her, but I do enjoy her writing.
Oh, stupid, stupid me. How could I have possibly forgotten THX 0477 ? The Grand Awesome Marshall? He’s a blazing genius, he is. He writes exceptionally well, and who’d have thought there’d be a doctor— a DOCTOR ! — on Ficlets?

That’s about it, sadly. I’m braindead.

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