A day in the life of Stovohobo <tad winslow challenge></tad>

Stovo, sitting in his stately manor, chose not to go to school today. No doubt he is devising another clever ficlet or completing a mountain of homework.

Feeling an idea coming on, he walks over to the other side of his dark computer room to turn on his apt to inspire, sufficiently named, favorite band: Muse.

He blares a particularly sporadic and catchy song. The idea hit him at a mile a second.

He sits in his sling chair, logs on the ficlets, and starts typing madly.

He is almost finished, he is about to release his magnum opus to the world. All of the sudden, an instant message pops up from a fellow collaborator on ficlets by the name of Tom.

Stovohobo sighs, his shining moment interrupted, and starts sluggish conversation on his favorite Wii game with Tom.

Another day, I suppose. He thinks

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