Knew No Love

One day long, long, long, ago
A glance out of the corner of an eye
Turned into a hidden glare
A hidden glare
Turned into a full on stare
Before you know
They love playing with each others hair
They meet alone
Everything to themselves a silent dare

Then one day long, long, ago
They closed a door
Clothes drift to the floor
The room evaporates
Passion sings her song
The two them sing along
It goes on and on

One day long ago
The intoxication was over
Some how they became sober
From there the passion turned to anger
The anger to jealousy
Jealousy to hatred
Hatred wove lies and yet more passion

One day
It became a circle
They sang songs
Grew bonds
Ripped them apart
To flow back into life’s throng
Then it ceased
They ceased to exist

One day not too long ago
They stumbled upon each other
Each heart equally filled with the days’ woe
They held each others gaze
Filled with remembrance and haze

Then one lover said to the other
“You were so many enemies agoâ€?
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