Curse of Immortality

The bleakness of the funeral was increased by the light rain that started to fall. The graveside service was over and people were heading back to their carriages. One figure stood nearby while everyone left.

He was alone in his thoughts. Watching the funeral of another friend. A friend who became a number to him. He appeared to be in his mid-thirties, but in reality was a lot older. Time moved around him, yet never aged him.

When he first found out his was immortal, he tried to avoid becoming close to people. He could not stand watching those he cared about grow old and die. Then he realized he could not live forever being alone.

He became selective in the friends he made. He would be with them for a while, before moving on. Not out boredom, or indifference, but because he cared.

He wanted to remember them being young. Being ageless like him. Sometimes it was easy, other times it was not. He had lost another friend. He turned, and walked away.

In the end he was left alone. In the end they all die.

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