Fake it

“It’s not the end of the world”, they say but I look up at the gray sky and think it may just fall or at least a tear from an angel in pain or if you prefer to call it rain. You say it’s supposed to be the best time of my life but I want to look back like Lot’s wife. Let’s reminisce on the days when innocence was the norm, the calm before the storm. Back when we danced with our hair down in the sun and back when just being me was fun. But now just being me is the reason I’m not your only one. You were the speck of dust in the snow, the one I couldn’t let go. Now you’re free, please fly away. I need you to go so I can smile today. So you keep your British accent and I’ll keep my sweet lips and then I’ll wave goodbye and yes, you’re allowed to watch my hips as I bid you farewell. I’m so glad, can you tell? Free of my burden so of one thing I’m certain: when the show’s over and they raise the curtain, the smile on my face I won’t have to feign.

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