A Mother's Day Conversation

I’m at a loss. I can’t figure out what to get Katie for Mother’s Day.
I thought you were taking her to Universal Stupidos.
I am, but I’d like to get a little something, so I can appear to be thoughful. Any ideas?
None. I can’t really think of anything but the usual stuff.
That’s my problem. All the usual stuff is tiresome.
Edible undies!
It’s Mother’s Day.
Sensible undies.
It’s Mother’s Day. You’re not supposed to talk about mothers and underwear in the same sentence.
She’s not your mother.
But she’s a mother, and we’re talking about a Mother’s Day gift. You know, aprons, flowers, home made cards? Sheesh!
I’m going to tell her you called her a “mother.” Make a homemade card… out of your undies.
Hmmm… I do have a nice paisley pair. But what about the fold? I’m not so good at ironing. I was thinking of giving her an experience. You know, like a massage, or a day trip or something.
And this has to be exclusive of the paisley undies? It sounds like that would definitely make it an experience.

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