Little Brats

“Okay Christa, so theres some mac + cheese in the fridge from last night, just heat it up on high for bout a minute, and you know Chuck and my cell phone numbers, right?” Mrs. Holland asked for about the 8th time. “Yes, I do. The girls’ bedtime is at 8. They’ll problably be asleep before then. Don’t worry! I have everything under control.”
“Ok then. Goodbye! See you later!” Mrs. Holland walked out the back door with ‘Chuck’ following.
Thank God she left.. Christa rolled her eyes. That was maybe the 12th boyfriend Mrs. Holland had brought home since she’d started babysitting for the girls four months ago. And she had to admit, ocasionaly she felt bad for the girls. All these new men their mother was dating, she was rarely ever home. Yes, Christa felt bad. But not bad enough to actually ‘play with’ the little brats. “Ok! lights out!” Christa screamed as she ran up the stairs to find the girls on the floor of their room playing with Barbie dolls. “Get in your beds and lights out by the time I count to ten.”

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