Diamond Braclet

“Ahh!” Marley cried “Christa please!”
Christa grabbed the doll out of the girl’s hand. “Get in your bed.”
Reluctantly, both girls layed down in their beds and covered their heads with quilts.
“Good.” Christa smirked. “Now I’ll be downstairs. And if I hear any noise from you… well let’s just say I won’t be hearing any noise from you.” And with that she turned off the lights and walked down stairs into the kitchen.
456 55… she punched the numbers into the phone. “Hey. Rob.”
“Hey Chris. What’s up?”
“Nuthing. Just babysitting the Holland brats. Come over. Now.”
“OK bu-” Christa hung up the phone, slipping a diamond braclet from the counter into her pocket as she walked into the living room.
a half hour later the doorbell rang. Rob… Christa thought. She turned off the t.v. and walked over to the door.

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