000000 (Black)

Don’t blow it. Beta reminded me.

“Here, let me take your bag for you.” I said as I put my hand out to take her bag.

“Thanks.” She handed me her bag and I slung it over my shoulder.

“I was thinking of holding up one of those signs with your name on it. Make it look like you were a VIP .”

She laughed, “That would have been funny.”

So far so good.

While walking to the parking garage, we talked about her trip. She had been visiting one of her brothers, who was attending college in Oregon.

While I drove us back to her apartment, I talked about the history of the area. My heart continued to pound, but I still felt at ease. The night air felt cool coming through the open windows of the car.

“Thanks again for picking me up. A roommate had offered to pick me up as well, but I told her that I already had a ride.”

Wait, if she turned down a roommate, that means..

She really likes me! I don’t have to worry about scaring her away! My heart started pounding even faster as we pulled into her apartment complex

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