Four Twenty - Five Years Later

11:23:33 Joe: Happy holidays!

11:23:51 Joe: er, holiday. I guess there’s only one.

11:23:56 Don: :-/

11:24:04 Joe: 4/20!

11:24:11 Joe: 8-}

11:25:16 Don: It’s the 6th anniversary of the Columbine shooting. How could I forget.8-|

11:25:49 Joe: No, genius. It’s the holiday that was invented before those morons went crazy.

11:26:35 Don: I just don’t have any party favors to celebrate with.

11:26:55 Joe: WHAT ?! I thought you had an endless supply.

11:27:30 Don: Are you kidding? I haven’t had any for over 4 years!

11:27:42 Joe: Of course not. What was I thinking?

11:28:32 Don: I don’t even know where to get party favors.

11:28:44 Joe: I haven’t partaken for many years, myself. But I do have a small amount hidden away—leftovers from probably five years ago. I don’t know if it has a shelf life, but I’m willing to experiment.

11:29:50 Joe: (Oh god, is my life really that boring?)

11:30:21 Don: Party favors do have a shelf life. You’re not likely to get much of a bang out of them.

11:30:28 Joe: Pisser.

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