“I said, down on the ground now!” Anders shouted, pointing his pistol straight at the Torturer.

“Bill, Bill. There is no need to shout.” the Torturer replied, while shaking his head. Still showing no signs of fear.

“No matter what I do, I’ll be dead.” he still had his hands in front of him, clasped together. “Bill, we have had so much fun these past years. Do you really want this to end?” he slowly took a step towards the door.

“Don’t move!” Anders continued to keep his pistol trained on him. Continuing to focus on him, ignoring what he was saying. The Torturer was trying to manipulate him. After three long years he was not going to let him.

“Either you’re going to kill me, or the courts will. But if you let me go, oh, the fun that can still be had.” a grin started to spread across his face. “There are still so many women and girls to have fun with.” His voice still the same calm, smooth tone.

“I still have not had the chance to have fun with your wife and daughter yet,”

Anders fired off three shots.

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