Tampered Software

I got outside and called up Aaron.

“Talk to me.” I heard him say in a bored tone that he uses while he’s talking to a “customer” to make him sound more business-like.

“Dude, it’s Todd.” I said. “Where are you doing your business?”

“At the Barnes and Noble next to the TCBY .” Aaron said.

“Got it, I’ll be there.” I said, and hung up.

I rushed back into my house.

“Hey, Young, gimme a ride to the Barnes and Noble next to the TCBY .” I said.

“Sure, I already called Aaron, I was gonna help him out.” He said.

We went to the Barnes and Noble and found Aaron hanging out with a couple of geeky looking guys staring at his computer.

So he’s back to selling viral Adobe programs?

Here’s how it goes:

You have to be cool about it. You make up a name tag, make yourself sound official, and sell software that works but after you use it for a week or so it does a program update that when you download it, it crashes your computer.

It’s amazing what Aaron can find, I don’t even know where he gets it all!

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