Finally Home

The blinding lights protruding through the curtains revealed that he had finally arrived. I hadn’t seen him in about six years, and I was anxious to see him once again. The doorbell rang, and I quicky tidied up my hair and face in the mirror, and answered the door. As I opened the door, memories of the times we had spent came rushing into my mind and I remembered how much I had loved him. As our eyes met, smiles quickly filled our eyes, and as we hugged, I remembered how completely safe and happy I felt in his arms. As I invited him in, and he began to talk, I remembered how lovely his voice was, and his great love for art and literature. Finally my curiosity got the best of me. “Why did you leave? Why didn’t I come too? What happened?” And I never would have expected to hear what he said next. “I left because I’m an idiot. You didn’t follow because you’re smart. After, I always felt like I was missing a part of me.” And with that, he walked outside, pulled his bags from the car, ran inside and kissed me.

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