A First Challenge (writers block)

CHALLENGE !!!!!!! challenge!!!!! challenge!!!! challenge!!!! CHALLENGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, this is my first challenge….as you can prob tell from the title.

well, down to buisness…. this challenge is to write about writers block. Either a time when you have expeirenced it or just about it. You can make it funny, scary, dramatic, or boring…or any other genre you can think of. The catch is that you have to put in a word that you just made up (like “awesomespecialpersonthingymabobber”), it can be the most random word that you can think of it’s just that YOU have to think of it yourself!!!NO COPYING MADE UP WORDS !!!!!!!

Remember to put your ficlet as a sequel to this one.

if you have any questions note me.

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