It seemed completely ridiculous to jump out the window. Yet I had dreamed it so many times before. Now was my only chance.

I lifted the window, using all my strength to do so. I stuck my head out and looked down. A small ledge that I could stand on. Perfect. I heard someone’s voice shouting behind me, but I paid no mind. I wanted to escape.

It’s my only chance. Go!

Jumping out onto the ledge, the wind brushed past my ears. A perfect day for ledge jumping. I looked down for a moment, feeling a bit dizzy. No. I had to go on.

I moved across the ledge until I found a place to climb down. I found a balcony on the opposite building and lept across to it. I thudded down, falling forward, scraping my hands up a bit. I didn’t care. I was free.

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