We ran out of gas twenty miles from town. Go figure.

We were traveling from Greeley to Vail for a bit of skiing. It was my first time.

“What now?” I asked my friend, Casey. She was driving.

“Well…I don’t know,” she replied.

The sun was starting to set in the distance. Daylight was disappearing. The thought of being stuck in the middle of nowhere did not exactly strike me as fun. Casey hopped out of the truck and looked around. I followed.

“Maybe if someone comes by, we can ask for help.” It was my suggestion, if not somewhat lame.

“Maybe someone will come by and kidnap us!” Casey laughed. I did not.

“That’s not really funny…”

We waited for half an hour. No one came from either direction. We discussed how far back the last gas station was, but quickly decided it was too far to walk, especially in the dark.

Things were certainly looking bad for us.

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