One Vmapire, One Werewolf, One Forbidden Love, P.6

” I think maybe I’ll join you tonight.” Her voice was sweet and I noticed the dark shadows under her eyes were gone. I looked down and she seemed to sense my fear. Her beautiful face took on a look of pure hurt. “I didn’t feed on humans if that’s what your questioning.

I gave her an apologetic glance. “Well….I mean with the little time you had to get….it was just really fast okay.” I said my voice was calm and even, even though the question wasn’t.

“I know what you mean but I swear I didn’t, the butcher’s shop, I went there and bought some.” She said looking ashamed. “Very vampire of you.” I joked lightly hoping to lighten the mood. It worked, she smiled showing perfect teeth.

“But really why do you want to go patrolling with me anyway??” My face showed my question and I guess my doubt, especially sincce her face didn’t look very happy. “Well I want to help I mean I’m not a bad vampire and whoever said the slayer didn’t need help sometime.” She said all this evenly kepping her voice sweet.

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