One Vmapire, One Werewolf, One Forbidden Love, P.10

“You seem very pleased with yourself.â€? I replied coldly, folding my own arms across my chest. But let me clue you in on one little detail.â€? I said my blue eyes narrowing, “you can’t keep me here!â€?

That was all it took his face turned red again. “Don’t you dare!” He yelled his hands clutching the table, his body quivered with anger. He stood, but I was already standing. “You can’t handle the truth, you couldn’t even handle grandma’s stories, how can you handle the truth?” My body was quivering now and my voice was strained. He was obviously oblivious to the fact that I was different, at how in the past two years I had been different, all my life I had been different, but just in these last two years things really changed.

“She’s right, you know.” I heard Angie’s sweet voice behind me. “You guys don’t know, you can’t possibly know what life is like for her.” She placed ice cold arms around me. “What she is, how she lives, it’s beyond all of us. I don’t even understand it.” Her voice was soft.

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