One Vampire, One Werewolf, One Forbidden Love, p.11

I began to cry leaning on Angie who shook her head and talked soothingly. “How did you get in here?” My father asked slowly, I could tell he was feeling a little sorry for reacting the way he did. I let go of Angie worry crossing my face as I looked at Angie. She was calm not phased, “I climbed through her window when I heard all the yelling, I was worried.” She was at least honest, I thought. “Well you can leave now.” My dad said. “Bill! Don’t be rude!” It was the first time my mom had spoken.

She was looking down, “Angie you may go up to Myra’s room, Myra you may take you shower, and tonight we will discuss this family matter.” We all listened, we knew fighting with my mom was useless.

I could tell my father was not happy by the heated discussion that was taking place downstairs. “Go ahead, I’ll wait.” Angie said gliding over to the bed. I was about to run out when I turned back around to face Angie who had made herself comfortable on my bed. “Hey Angie, thanks.” I said, she smiled. Shower time…...

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