No Backup Plan

You should have seen her face. It was like she honostly believed that was why I met her here. The real reason was I wanted so badly to see her. I wanted her to become mine. To be my girl. She was THE girl at school. Any guy would want her to be theirs. But I was the one with the chance, and I was going to take it.
“I was wondering if maybe,” I took a deep breath. “If maybe you’d consider dating, you know, being my girl.” I stared at the ground for a second, not wanting to have to see her reject me. I felt her reach out and touch my arm, but I still didn’t look up. We stood there in silence, my breath becoming uneven. Why did she have to do this to me? Couldn’t she just let me down easy, then never see me again? But I wanted so badly for her to want me to be her man. She just HAD to say yes. I didn’t have a backup plan.

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