One Vmapire, One Werewolf, One Forbidden Love, P.13

My morning passed slowly, which was alright with me especially since he was in every one of my classes, so I could study his behavior and well not to be stupid, look at his perfect features. When I walked into biology, right after lunch, I sat at my usual seat. This was the one class that I didn’t have with Angie. I sat by myself just like everyday but one problem, my desk had the only open seat. Mr. Brawer walked into class, following was Him!

“You can take a seat next to Myra Calmedge.â€? He said pointing at me, I kept my head down fiddling with the piece of paper that was on my desk. He smiled and glided over sitting carefully keeping his distance. He turned to me, smiling angelically. “Myra right?â€? He asked holding out a
hand, “I’m Dylan Rosser.â€? His voice was sweet and mesmerizing. I looked into his liquid emerald/grey eyes, putting my hand on his I shook it softly not putting any strength into my arm.His eyes seemed locked on mine for a second and then he looked away quickly dropping my hand.

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