One Vampire, One Werewolf, One Forbidden Love, P.15

Now I was just plain annoyed, “look I’m not a vampire but I am a vampire slayer ok so ba-bye.â€? I waved my hand and strode out of the school quickly leaving him standing there a look of worry messing up his features.

Our cars were the only ones left in the parking lot besides a couple of teachers staying late to grade papers. Before I could open the door he was standing there in front of me blocking it. “Your really annoying ya know.â€? I pushed him aside easily and opened the door but unfortunately he was persistent and he stopped me from getting in. “And your really pretty but we can argue later right now I need to know a few things.â€? His voice was strained with something I couldn’t recognize.

“Like what?â€? I asked angrily staring into his eyes. “Like how am I supposed to believe you’re a vampire slayer when your blood smells so good and you smell like strawberries.” He said sniffing his hand on my hair. I pushed him away and out from in front of my door and climbed in.

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