I Totally Should

I knew what Hayden was trying to do – little late for that! I was officially going out with Ryan, and I’ve been trying to get my mind off of Hayden.

Not that it worked.
But hey.
I tried.

Nikki was crying. And yelling at him.
How pathetic.

I guess Ryan was absent today, because he didn’t come over to my locker. In order to get to my homeroom, I had to pass by Hayden and Nikki. I put on a little smirk as I passed by. Hayden wouldn’t turn his head toward me, instead tried to focus on calming Nikki down, but I could totally tell his eyes were following me.

And I very nearly knocked him in the back of the head.

If I really wanted to make him mad, I could’ve gone over to Nikki and tried to comfort her. He would be so furious!

I totally should.
I think I will.

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