“I am not going to spar with you, you are too fast.” I stated in a defeated way.

Leon smirked at me. “Why?”

“You are too fast for me.” I said.

He just laughed.

“What?” I asked, starting to get annoyed.

“You can be faster than me.” Leon said.

“No, I ca-” I began, but Leon threw a hard punch at me. I caught his blow.

I raised my eyebrows at my own sudden burst of aptitude.

“See.” Leon said. “How fast you think something is going is all how you view it. Speed is all about perception, perceive accordingly.”

With that, Leon threw several blows. They all hit me with mind blowing accuracy and pain.

“Speed up!” Leon commanded.

I started to advance on him, throwing everything I had at him. He tried to counter. I dodged it by inches. Without even thinking, I swept my leg over and landed him on the ground.

I smiled at myself.

“Training Ended. Disconnect.” I said outwardly, and was swept back to reality.

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