I ordered my battalion to move as far back as possible. If anyone gets caught even inches away from the blast radius, they might as well be dead before it explodes. We all watched intently through binoculars as Jay dropped the fuel cell right near the door. He jogged really far back, pulled out the rocket launcher that was slung across his back, threw a grenade at the fuel cell, and fired.

Everything happened in slow motion. I saw the rocket billow smoke and speed towards the door. Right before the rocket hit the door, the grenade exploded, breaching the fuel cell. The rocket hit and ignited the hydrogen.


Everything exploded all at once. Even stuff the we didn’t set up exploded. Land mines that where set up if we messed with the blast door blew up. Windows shattered. I heard screams inside the building.

Well, mission accomplished, I suppose.

Anything is flammable, anything can be destroyed.

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