More Of Olivia's "Amusing" Antics!

“You already told me how?” Olivia asked, putting both her hands on her hips, leaning toward me, and opening her eyes and mouth wide.

“Olivia!” I scolded. “Don’t make me say it a third time.”

Olivia jumped, as though I had just awoken her from a dream with my stern admonishment.

”’Say it?’” she said. “Say what?”

“I’d love to dance—but I have no idea how!” I seethed.

“Oh, are you still going on about that?” she shrieked with laughter. “Really, that must be the third time you’ve said that!”

“I don’t find these antics of yours very amusing,” I mused, pausing before addressing her by her first name, “Olivia.”

Then she began to dance by herself, as I had earlier suggested she do.

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