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I looked up at the pleasantly gray sky from the barn rooftop.

Why would anyone leave this place? It’s beautiful!

I climbed down to the thickly grassed ground. I walked into the barn to try and find that nice stray cat who just had kittens that I saw a day ago. I had a bottle of milk and half of a pork roast for it. I brought a few blankets, too.

I looked up in the loft where the cat usually is. Sure enough, it was laying there right beside all of the kittens curled up in a tiny ball on the straw covered floor.

I scratched the mother cat behind the ears and gave her the food and laid the blankets down so they wouldn’t get cold.

I stood up and looked out the square window to see the endless cornfield that stretched on for what seemed like forever.

I’ve never been in there. I’ll explore a little there.

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