Cry (A True Story)

An hour later, they let us back into the school.

The seventh grade was instructed to go to their sixth hour classes. On my way, I passed the Unified Arts wing. It was roped off, and I glimpsed policemen, standing and talking with the principal.

In Language Arts, sixth period, my teacher let us talk and play games. Everyone was discussing the situation animatedly – everyone had an opinion that they wanted to share.

Me, I just sat there.

We switched classes at the regular time, and I crossed the hall for Math.

My teacher talked to us about the incident, explaining some things and asking about others. I continued to sit in silence.

Tears welled in my eyes.

Don’t cry.

Please don’t.

People asked me if I was okay, and I said nothing.

Finally my teacher came and sat down next to me, asking if I wanted to talk, if everything was alright.

When I stayed silent, she took me out in the hall to get a drink, even though the teachers weren’t supposed to give hall passes.

And only then did I cry.

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