Four-Color Treachery

I handed over the crisp bills, enough to amount a months salary for most, and in return I received a brown paper bag.

The seller, ever-cautious of his illegal activities, simply nodded and removed himself from the dark alley, the transaction done.

Opening the parcel, I gently removed my prize: a copy of Justice League Of America #1. I’d read it, of course, in the approved reprint format. But here was the real thing, untainted and unaltered, more than just four colors.

I felt the static raise the short hairs on my neck before I saw the lightshow above. The grid was online again, meaning another attack was coming.

Looking down at my prize, I couldn’t wait. More than the four approved colors; more than white, brown, yellow, and red. This one would have all the panels, it would have green and blue, it would have Martian Manhunter and Superman.

I was about to commit a capital crime, to read pro-alien literature. Above, I could hear the Martian attack ship firing on the grid, unable to breech the barrier.

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