The Exploding Man

200,000 years. 73,000,000 days. 1,752,000,000 hours. Countless minutes. Endless seconds.

That is how long it took for us to evolve to where we are today. That is how long it took for us to be. They obviously weren’t paying attention to that.

They were always paranoid. Someone, a nameless and unidentified being of pure self threat, could destroy what we have. By arming themselves against their own fears only feeds their obsession and increases the chance of self-destruction.

It started with a weapon. A lifeless weapon that could destroy the world. The idea placed itself as a ticking time bomb in the heavy folds of our fears.

No, the weapon could malfunction. It was too dangerous. So they started making another weapon, a human weapon.

So came The Exploding Man. He couldn’t stand that he was created for destruction. He could only destroy himself.

On that day he died of self sacrifice. For one reason:

He knew. He understood.

Even though he scourged the sky it is only a constant reminder of what they did

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