Let's Start A Riot

Oh, isn’t he cool.
No, he’s not.
He’s an inconsiderate, insensitive player with no compassion whatsoever.
That’s what he is.

I said a few things to Nikki and she calmed down. I gave her a hug and had her go to class so she could have a little time to herself before homeroom started.

The second she was inside her homeroom, I stormed over to Hayden. I could feel the eyes of innocent bystanders looking at me, because I don’t normally get this mad.

As if I were in a movie, or a TV show for that matter, I could see myself walking. It’s like I had left my body, somebody else took over, and I was watching from a movie theater. The scene went in slow-mo, and there was a close up of my eyes burning holes into him. Riot by Three Days Grace followed my every step.

You’re not the only one;
Refusing to back down;
You’re not the only one;
So get up;
Let’s start a riot..

Speed picked up as I brought my hands forward and shoved him into the lockers behind him.

“What is wrong with you?!” I yelled.

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