Remind Me What a Clavicle is

D: I broke my clavicle.
J: Remind me what a clavicle is.
D: Wrecked on my bike.
J: Yikes! Are you going to heal up nicely?
D: I hope so. They tell me it will be 6 to 8 weeks. It happened last Thursday.
J: That sucks. Do you have to wear a neck brace or something?
D: No. It’s a figure eight splint/harness. It goes over and under both arms and crosses on the back to hold my shoulder back.
J: So you mean it’s kind of like a… a BRA ?! Or should I say a bro?
D: . . . without the cups.
J: Oh, well that must be much more sexy anyway. I had a friend in high school that broke his clavicle twice. Then he married a Mormon girl and everything went to hell. I’m sure the two things are related….
D: Breaking your clavicle once gets you pretty close to hell, let alone twice. What did the Mormon girl have to do with it?

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