Name: Lilly Janet Everson
School: Miss Julia’s Accademy For Young Ladies
Home Town: I’ve traveled the world, but the most recent home was in Hartston, a wealthy community outside of L.A.
Hair Color:Blonde
Eye Color:Light Blue
Family Information: My father is a doctor and my mother does not work because she does not have to, my father makes more than enough money to support the family. I am an only child, and we have never and will never own a pet. My parents and I hate animals.
A Little About Me:I’m a very outgoing person who enjoys shopping and going to beauty salons and spas. I never have trouble making new friends. I refuse to leave my house without my makeup on and hair perfect. I love colorful, glittery clothing and high heeled shoes. Oh! I have a GREAT relationship with my parents, we never get in arguments. I would say I’m fairly confident also.

Okay, you got all that? Yeah, that’s me…

...and it’s all a lie.

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