Anna enjoys ruining my life just because she thinks it's funny

“Tarra, we need to talk,” Anna told me. She pulled me over to the corner in the hall, so no one would see.

“Tarra, I’m really worried about you.” She was a better actress than I thought. “You’re getting a little obsessed with Bobby. You never stop talking about him. And now look, the whole school knows.”

I could feel my face turn bright red.

“Anna, you know you were the one that told the whole school. You and the rest of the people I thought I could trust. You’ve already ruined my reputation, what do you want from me now?”

She laughed. “Me? I would never say anything about you liking Bobby.”

It was clear I was being tortured simply because she found it amusing.

The bell rang for lunch, and Anna swiftly turned and walked away before I could say another word to her.

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