One Vampire, One Werewolf, One Forbidden Love, P.21

I listened to the kids and moms that made their way around, looking at books, or playing on the many computers that sat in the center of the library on deep mahogony desks with black chairs. The smells were overwhelming, so I focused and depicted each smell and that’s exactly when I smelled HIM !

He was somewhere over by the movies, I couldn’t tell exactly where, but the fear alone made me shiver. I felt Dylan’s ice cold hand on my shoulder. “What’s wrong?â€? His voice held more curiosity than anything else, but I could hear the worry. “Nothing, just someone I know, he’s not very friendly, I’ll be right back.â€? I broke away and began walking before I had even finished talking.

“Hey cousin.â€? I said walking up behind him. “Come back for another fight did you?â€? I asked anger filling me as I stood next to him. “Correction I think you’re the one who found me.â€? He kept his voice even, “the bought in the woods not enough for you, I could go again, if you like.â€? He turned toward me as he said it and smiled.

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