4th quarter

It was 9 weeks later.

I was into the last quarter of the year.

But first, once again, somethings have changed.

A couple weeks back, Bryce had kind of faded off of me. And I was able to act completely normal around him, now that I was no longer crushing on him.

I was kind of ready for 8th grade to be over.

Now that we were done with the sewing part of Home Ec, we were beginning the cooking part.

I already had my cooking group, but we were trying to help out Lauren and Brooke with their group. There were only four people left in the class without a group. Brooke, Lauren, Alex, and Dan. Brooke did not really want to be with Lauren, Lauren did not want to be with Alex, and Dan really didn’t care.

“Listen, Brooke, Alex, Lauren, and Dan.” Said Molly.
“That’s four, come on just deal with it.”

Molly motioned Dan over.

“Dan, be in their group.”

“Okay.” He said.

I had never thought about it before, but Dan was kind of cute.

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