Never Explain: Plays Well With Others

He Puts down the book he has been reading, Tsugumi Ohba’s, Death Note and begins to type.

Somehow he finds time to sequel thirty series he is involved in on Ficlets, his weekend hobby.

During the week, at school and the sports he plays, he plays so well with others he is given an honorary Indian name; Plays Well With Others.

Coming up with ideas wasn’t a problem for Never Explain, ideas floated around in his brain as he slept. Visions of intrigue and suspense, slices of ordinary life, you name it that boy could make a story from it.

Oh the stories he would tell his teacher of why his homeowrk was not done. Not those tried and not true lame ones like ‘my dog ate my homework’, but more elaborate tales that enthralled the teacher and the class as well.

A born story teller, that boy. His mind never at rest. Who can explain such brilliance?

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