Memories Don't Wash Away so Easy

I used to walk here everyday. It was my getaway from my problems. It was my sanctuary. I loved the feeling of the nice cool water. I loved to watch how my foot prints just faded away with the water, erasing that I was ever there. I loved the feeling of the soft cushy sand. I never realized that walking alone would lead to this.

You didn’t care. You didn’t care that I was just there to relax from a stressful week at school. You didn’t care that this was my spot. You didn’t care that this would scar me for life. You saw it as a pretty girl alone. An easy target.

I tried to pull myself off of you. Not strong enough. Not strong enough for me to scream either. I just laid there and when you were finished, you just walked away. I watched as your footprints washed away in the sand. Oh, how I wished that my memories would wash away like that.

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