Electric Triangles In Conversation (One More Word Challenge)


What’s up?

Not a lot.

Not much here, either.

... Well, this is kinda akward.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

So… do you play any sorta instrument?

Actually, I play piano, guitar, and electric triangle.

Dude, stop pulling my leg about an electric triangle.

No, I seriously have an electric triangle at my house!

And I own a hundred ostriches and run circuses in Timbuktu!

Are you making fun of the fact that I own electric triangles?!?!?!

So just how many of those pointless, idiotic contraptions do you really own?

Well…. it depends if you want a guess, an estimate, or an exact number.



You know, I’m leaving, because I really don’t feel like having an electric triangle conversation!

Then leave, but don’t you dare dis the electric triangle just because it’s worthier than you!

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