It Was Completely Our Fault (One More Word Challenge)

The war. It changed everything. One second we ruled. The next second, nobody ruled.

Chaos and anarchy reigned every moment. The world was never quite the same.

We emerged from the underground bunkers, completely confused. The escalation of retaliation caused us to move underground. But we were never completely comfortable underground; it was awful.

I think a lot of it was Marvin’s fault, the jerk.

He had us convinced that our cause was all that really mattered. Strange to see the world crushed by the weight of a stupid cause.

How did Marvin convince us that the world would be better off without clowns?

We didn’t realize that if they didn’t internalize our struggles, we would suffer mass chaos. We didn’t realize that without the laughs clowns provided us the world would go completely insane.

If we had known, we would have never attacked the clown annex in Waco, their last resort.

We emerged from the bunker, realizing the world had fallen apart, and knowing it was completely our fault.

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